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Combine Loss Sampler

Revolutionary Combine Loss Sampler Minimizes Harvest Losses

How Much Money are you Leaving on the Ground?

Easily minimize your harvest losses and increase your profits from operator's seat. This revolutionary Combine Loss Sampler drop pan is easy-to-install and available for all makes and models, allowing you to take control of your business.

The electrically operated, 60x18 inch, lightweight drop screen collects dropped straw, chaff and seed for weighing, allowing you to accurately calculate your exact combine losses.

As Featured in Canola Digest – Sept 2014

Surveys and research done across the Canadian Prairies found that producers can lose 5% or more of their total canola yield at harvest.

“I don't know about you, but I think $40,000 is way better in our bank account than on the ground. When you see results like we did, it's well worth it.”

– Henning Wubbe,
La Riviere, MB

“Knowing and respecting the effective capacity of the components of your combine is the key to maximizing performance.”

- Les Hill,

Don't lose your money in the field; install a Combine Loss Sampler drop pan and turn your losses into income today.